the franchise

The Brand

Gymophobics is now an established brand since first opening its doors in 2003. Subsequently, more than 250,000 women have enrolled for this unique concept designed to help women to lose weight and inches in all the right places.

Unlike conventional gyms, Gymophobics offers a personal service and prescription to its members and treats them like VIP’s on every visit. If ever a business was built on customer satisfaction, this is it!

Back in 2012 Gymophobics Founder received the industry’s highest individual award in recognition that she has done more than anyone to promote women’s health & fitness in the UK.

Getting Started

A Gymophobics franchisee is chosen for her drive, personality and genuine interest in helping women to achieve their goals. Business skills or experience are not considered important as we work along side a new franchisee to develop their skills and ensure their success.

Our team will help find the right premises, apply for any planning permission that may be required, negotiate with landlords for the best possible deal and help with staff recruitment.

We will train you and your staff and be alongside you when you begin trading to ensure that your business is a success from the start. If you are prepared to work hard and put in the hours that are necessary, then a Gymophobics franchise can change your life for the better.

The Circuit

The 30 minute Gymophobics circuit takes the work out of the workout.

There are no weight or hydraulic machines and no treadmills or rowers either. In their place are smooth actioned, whisper quiet ‘AIR’ machines which make exercise easier than you ever thought possible. This state of the art equipment is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

Each member’s programme is personalised to account for their exact needs. By focussing on resistance exercise instead of cardio, thousands of dormant muscle fibres are ‘switched on’ which means that the body becomes a fat burning machine as extra k.calories are being burned 24/7, even during sleep!

Unlike cardio vascular activity (rowing, jogging, cycling, etc), Gymophobics resistance circuit is able to tighten and tone sagging and atrophied muscles throughout the body resulting in inch loss in all the right places.

It is no surprise therefore that Gymophobics members stay longer and get better results than conventional Gyms.


As a Franchisee you will get a guaranteed and exclusive territory in the area of your choice. We will help you to find the right premises at the right price. These won’t need to be large or expensive as our members attend by appointment so there is no overcrowding which means we can offer a personal one to one service.

Around 800 to 1,000 sq. ft is all the space it takes to operate a successful Gymophobics and this will need to be either ground or first floor.

Income & Overheads

Most of our Centres have low overheads in the region of just £4000 per month including staff wages. Members pay £35 per month (minimum) in fees so as few as 150 members covers your overheads. A hardworking Franchisee will exceed this number in her first three months of trading.

The System

Gymophobics Founder Donna Hubbard developed her own unique training system as a Personal Trainer in the eighties and nineties. This is called Resisted Tension (RT) and is the first to be awarded a Trade Mark. Basically it means that ladies don’t need to train like an athlete or starve themselves to achieve fast weight and inch loss.

Members attend two or three times each week for 30 minute sessions of RT using our ‘AIR’ machines that ‘take the work out of the workout!

Most lose a dress size in the first few weeks and go on to achieve the ideal figure. There are many health benefits too. Lung function, blood pressure, mobility, posture and |BMI improve and the concomitant risk of Heart attack, thrombosis, stroke and hypertension are all significantly reduced.

Young women in their teens to women of 60 and 70 plus all enjoy RT along with the beautiful feminine environment of a Gymophobics facility.